100% personalized learning

individual classes or in a private group, we cover all levels from beginners to the highest level
classes for all ages: children, adolescents, adults and seniors
programs adapted to your own pace: much calmer from one session per week to more intensive courses
having the greatest flexibility regarding to the selection of your class schedules

private classes - individual or group

We offer our private language classes all over the world. We can hold classes at home and in your company for your convenience. Our private classes are programs for all ages with flexible schedules and an ensured exclusive attention by our teachers.

private programs
adapt to your needs
We determine the objectives of the course and we will provide you with an optimal program according to your needs and your knowledge.
continuation with the level
that fits your previous progress best
If you already have a certain level in your target language, we can refresh your existing knowledge or progress with you - even both.
setting the agenda and focus
on very specific topics
Contents from planning your trip to another country to training interviews or job interview, as well as preparing for your new job abroad.

advantages of particular programs

Custom topics

An even more personalized teaching according to your interests, the teacher elaborates certain topics and organizes the work around them.

Progress according to your pace

The teacher prepares classes fitting your measure, allowing you to progress at your own pace and focus on your specific individual needs.

Adjusting language to circumstances

Becoming fluent even faster and receive personal trainings with language from different linguistic registers (be it colloquial / everyday or very formal).

Flexible for changes

Flexible scheduling and rescheduling through our online system.

one step away from becoming our student

If you already have knowledge of the language and you want to know your level, ask for our test to determine your current level. There is the possibility to choose between an extensive, semi-intensive or intensive program.