Do you want to be a successful teacher and satisfied with your results?
Do you want that to be reflected in the faces of your students?
Are you yired of planning classes the way they taught you with painstaking preparations and questionable results?
Do your students become disillusioned over time and lose the shine in their eyes and classes become a long routine?

Here is the right place to approach a method par excellence, conversational and based on effective communication!

7 hour program

Become a teacher of excellence in 4 steps! This 7-hour program targets specifically teachers with a previous experience in the field of language teaching and who are looking to work with us or apply our method in their classes.

personalized interview to identify (1 hour)

  • personal tastes and experiences
  • review of your method and dynamics during classes
  • use of technology to boost learning

approach to a conversational method based on effective communication (2 hours)

  • starting from your own experience, we bring you closer to a method that both you and your students will love: learning a language successfully!
  • recognize what is essential to study languages (success stories)
  • conversational classes from the very beginning
  • become sensitive to the wishes of your students
  • preparation and management of your students during classes

review and analysis of teaching material (2 hours)

  • understand the structure of conventional business methods and for specific segments
  • define the usefulness of these for the teacher and the student in matters of efficiency and effectiveness

preparation and assistance during a class (2 hours)

  • how to develop a custom class in no time
  • review and guidance to improve and adjust your classes
What is better than a student who recommends you because you taught them the language in a dynamic and entertaining way with the best results in a limited time?
Stop kidnapping your students for years without progress!
Your students will thank you.