A professional alternative based on four key factors:

Quality: we have the recognition of national and international institutions that endorse our methodology and the high level of our staff.
Scope: we offer you a range of services that covers all the particular or business goals that you have set for yourself.
Time: our programs guarantee short and medium term results.
Price: we offer you the option that gives you the best return on your investment.

Starting groups / with available places


Learn your new language with us. Whether for daily life, work or study - tierra de lenguas ​​is your competent partner. We guarantee you rapid success through our highly qualified teachers, modern teaching methods, intensive counseling and support, as well as through a globally current level system.

Regular and intensive group classes (for groups of maximum 4 participants)

Private classes (according to your needs)

Pedagogical advice (orientation to improve your endeavor in class)

Classes can be taught only in the target language. Learn your new language on the day you want, in the morning, afternoon or evening hours

The duration of the program depends on the language and our modules ranging from 27 teaching units

The courses take place throughout the year and it is possible to start them at any time

Teaching methodology

In our courses we use the most advanced pedagogical methods and technical resources for teaching foreign languages. In tierra de lenguas ​​we use a methodology known as communicative and based on action, that is the practical use of language and the focus on teaching the student as a social actor using the language to communicate. We develop the four main language skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing.


target language

From the first class you will express yourself in your target language. Due to our specific teaching method oriented to effective communication it will be easy for you to understand and work during our lessons.

objectives and subjects

Objectives and subjects determine the course of our classes. Our groups are small to make learning more efficient: Students learn in individual classes (one-to-one), with a single partner or in small groups of up to 4 participants.

educational material

To deepen learning at home, homework will be received regularly. We advise you on your individual work. The educational material is updated and diversified (texts, songs, video, etc.).

everyday situation

Our students will learn the language with creative texts and in everyday situations. You will find in our books a modern guide accompanied by other additional materials (trainings, as well as audios and videos).

Group classes

Private classes

Children and adolescents

Teacher trainings

Becoming part of our team