the best way to learn a new language

Our programs in small groups are from 2 participants to a maximum of 4 students.
We offer group classes physically in social settings or digitally online.
We offer free schedules: in the morning, afternoon, on Saturday and Sunday.
The groups are formed according to the 6 learning levels defined by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

classes in groups of 2 to 4 students

Our groups are very small so that your training is as effective as possible. You will learn in semi-private courses with a single classmate or in a group of up to 4 students.


conversation with native teachers

We provide the base for highly conversational classes and the ability to put your new language into practice. So you can take advantage of the classes with your native teacher and enjoy it more.

classes for every level

We offer courses for all levels and before starting, we evaluate your language level and consult with you to find the most appropriate program for your needs.

advices to improve your endeavor

Our teachers also advise you on the best way to learn and how to further improve your own endeavor to achieve your personal goals.

certification of reached level

At the end of each completed level, a participation certificate can be achieved with your performance during your training course.

common european framework of reference

The courses conform to the 6 learning levels defined by the CEFR, complying with the respective communicative, grammatical and cultural objectives for each level.

our small groups at a glance

Having the option of a semi-intensive program that requires about 6 hours of total availability per week: there are 2 sessions of 1h30min in face-to-face classes and you should also have another hour and a half per session for review and preparation. Or you can choose an extensive pace with a total of 3 hours of total investment: 1 session of 1h30min in a face-to-face class per week plus an hour and a half of self-study at home.

small groups

2 to 4 students



  • beginner (A1, A2)
  • intermediate (B1, B2)
  • advanced (C1, C2)


3 months


from the age of 16 up


  • extensive:
    13 sessions of 1h30min
  • semi-intensive:
    26 sessions of 1h30min

one step away from becoming our student

If you already have knowledge of the language and you want to know your level, ask for our test to determine your current level. There is the possibility to choose between an extensive, semi-intensive or intensive program.