We offer your little offspring the opportunity to dive with fun and motivation in a foreign language.

In individual classes or in private groups for children and adolescents.
In our personalized programs, children and adolescents learn their new language with the desired intensity.
We open up new opportunities and possibilities in school, and broaden the choice of his future career.

Preschool (5-7 years)

Our students learn their new language through adventures, activities that require increasing levels of commitment and understanding, and that children reward with a sense of accomplishment.

We create opportunities for children to communicate their ideas and build strong foundations in the language while participating in explorative tasks and activities. We teach them in classes of mixed skills based on their age to initiate their learning.


Your children will learn with native teachers who inspire and motivate them.


Your children will enjoy modern activities designed for their way of learning.


Your children will discover the ABC and put into practice a simple pre-literacy.


Your children will have different lessons that support their school development.

Puerile (8-11 years)

The program focuses on interaction by working on collaborative projects and expands vocabulary while jointly exploring new topics. Activities encourage children to express themselves with confidence through acting and creativity. Children continue to develop their love of the language and start their own library.

interact in the language

Your children, 1st) learn and expand their vocabulary with native teachers, as well as simple structures to interact with their environment,

develop their skills

2nd) will have the ability to identify grammatical structures and continue to develop their vocabulary and their reading and writing skills,

interest in reading

3rd) they receive a reading book adapted to their level in each period and the teacher guides them through related projects,

happy and content speakers

4th) they study based on different subjects and registers and at the same time they become happy and enthusiastic speakers in their new language.

Juvenile (12-15 years)

In entertaining and interactive classes our students learn how to express themselves through group work and engaging discussions. Your child will study individually or in a group with other students of the same level and will gain rapidly control of the language.

expert teachers

Classes with teachers expert in instructing young people that will inspire and motivate them.

personalized attention

In class the student receives by our native teachers the personalized attention he needs to achieve his goals.

modern dynamics

The student will enjoy classes in which modern dynamics are used and will acquire the maximum amount of skills in his new language.

personal progress

Receive varied lessons that support your personal and academic progress and in turn build your confidence.

one step away from your child learning with us

If your child already has knowledge of the language and it is required to know his level, ask for our placement test to determine his current level.